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Dozens of international courses and hundreds of transformations are solid foundations on which we have built our experience for many years.

Extensive knowledge, proven methods and a holistic approach have allowed us to gain the trust of our clients around the world.

We have extensive experience in helping people with metabolic and hormonal problems.


Iron Nation is a unique community that shares a passion for physical activity and a desire to become better and better to get the most out of life.

Our work is our passion, which is reflected in the successes we achieve in many fields as trainers and nutritionists.

Our clients are both people practicing recreational sports as well as titled competitors of many different sports.


There are many factors to achieve a success – we will help you get to know them and properly adjust them so that they work on your side.

We will teach you how to introduce healthy habits, train effectively and use a well balanced diet to enjoy great form throughout your life.

All this with our help, in a great atmosphere and with support you won’t get anywhere else!

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Our motto

"The worst thing you can do is live your only life without ever knowing how much you could have accomplished'.

fitness couple

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