04 Aug

I started working with Anita in June 2019. From the very beginning I felt an amazing thread of understanding with my new trainer. Anita is an open, cheerful person, and at the same time she is extremely professional. She listens to the needs of her pupils, adjusts the training program to the client’s individual abilities, gender, body structure, chronic diseases and goals. What is extremely important to Anita is the health of her pupils. During training, she can quickly find the causes of past failures, she has extensive knowledge on dietetics, hormonal disorders and eating disorders. She can – apart from creating a perfectly matched training program – create a nutrition plan and advise on supplements. For me as a doctor, it is important that as I progress in training, lose body fat and improve physical performance – she regularly sends me for periodic blood tests so that she can modify the training plan if necessary. What I admire in Anita, apart from full professionalism and extraordinary personality, is the fact that she can fantastically motivate both during and outside training. She cares not only about the physical side of his pupils, but also the psychological side. And you can never hide anything from her – she will always know when I cheat and eat something that I shouldn’t 😉 Thanks to working with Anita, I lost 18 kg, and my figure is getting closer to my ideal, which we are still working on. After an hour of training with Anita, I want to move mountains, and thanks to the effects of her work, I started to believe that everything is possible. I can’t imagine working with another trainer ever again! I’m ready to follow her to the end of the world 😉 and I recommend working with Anita with a clear conscience 🙂