04 Aug

Dedicated to Anita… “Man builds himself a solid fence from everything possible. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, I CANNOT, I SHOULD NOT… And then he looks over that fence and envies those who live in freedom”. I was skeptical about a significant improvement in form at my age. Especially because of my time constraints and the nature of my profession. However, if I could convince myself of the effectiveness of the training plan used, then it’s all thanks to Anita. Fully individual approach, training and tailor-made diet. Consistency and training requirements, which go hand in hand with constant development control and supported by medical analysis, gave amazing results after just a few months. The very implementation of cyclical training and an orderly diet plan contributed to the achievement of a completely different level of nutritional awareness and the view of a healthy lifestyle. If you can recommend a personal trainer with a clear vision, determination and energy in action, and above all based on the natural development of the body and mind, all paths should lead to Anita. You dispelled my doubts. You made a different man. Thank you. But that’s not all – we haven’t said the last word yet!