04 Aug

Anita is an extremely professional person, fully involved in the training of her pupils. She has impressive knowledge and vast experience, which allows her to apply adequate training solutions even in very difficult cases. She has great empathy and understanding of the problems and challenges encountered during training or sports activities, by anyone who exercises seriously or has health problems. Anita is an extremely nice person to be around and, like no other, knows how to motivate her pupils to work hard. She never gives up on achieving her goal! It has been no surprise then that the training plan and diet that she developed for me enabled me to meet all my training goals, despite the fact that I started training with huge backlog in every respect. Thanks to her procedures and recommendations, I went through a real metamorphosis that I cared so much about. It is with great pleasure that I write these words and recommend Anita’s trainings to anyone who values real, reliable work and commitment as well as dynamic trainings in a great atmosphere.