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Maciej has extensive knowledge of the full spectrum of fitness and diet. In his work, he combines the elements of mobilization, strength, endurance and healthy eating. In my coaching, we focused especially on strength training. I can honestly confirm his outstanding know-how in the proper technique of performing each exercise. Not only for simple machine exercises, but also for complex multi-joint exercises, such as bench presses, squats, deadlifts, and rows, so it’s a great opportunity for me to have someone with me who controls my form especially when applying heavy loads. Matt has the right approach in the full range of functional training as well as stabilization and coordination training. We analyzed my weak links (e.g. my deltoid muscles) and solutions to improve symmetry and posture. Coaching is tailored to the client’s needs – everything can be freely asked, and in terms of anatomy, I believe that he is as competent as a physiotherapist (he has knowledge not only about muscles, but also about their interaction, e.g. with joints and tendons). Similarly, in bodybuilding, Matt follows a natural and sustainable approach for life-long training. In each training session, I received at least one really good piece of advice that gave me a lot (in many compound exercises, these are often minor adjustments to increase strength, such as performing an external rotation in a given body position). Also for experienced athletes, he has new, proven ideas that will bring some “fresh air” to your program. In my gym, this is definitely a person that I would recommend to others.