04 Aug

Everyone goes to gym for different reasons. Whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle, the way to do that is often long and winding. It’s then vital to have somebody that could show us the shortest, easiest and most of all safest way to achieve our goal and maintain that. To me that person is Matt. We’ve worked together since early 2019. From the very beginning Matt has been very professional and committed. He has gathered a vast research on my health, past injuries and my approach to training. Based on that, he has created a tailor-made exercise program, nutrition and supplementation plan. I imagined that it would all be very difficult at the beginning. Far from it! I was actually surprised how quickly we clicked and that even demanding weight trainings could be quite pleasant! Matt pays a great deal of attention to safety. During a training session he watches closely and, if necessary, corrects the technique. Additionally, he systematically but very reasonably raises the bar and motivates me to achieve constant progress. Sometimes I think that Matt knows my body better than I do. Every time I feel I can’t do another rep, Matt helps me and says I’m going to make it. Funny that he’s almost always right 🙂 If I were to sum up my cooperation with Matt in 5 words, I would choose: safety, commitment, determination, professionalism and sense of humour. Are you ready to work out regularly? If so, satisfaction is guaranteed! 🙂