04 Aug

Trainers who told me that I had to “stick to diet” and sent copy-paste training plans, completely unsuited to my needs and possibilities, I had few in my life. Luckily. It is not difficult to see how uneven and dominated by trained enthusiasts this industry is. And I was looking for professionals! I came across Miss Anita by accident, brazenly looking for a trainer / engineer (yes!)! That phrase took me straight to the Iron Nation. I wanted to work with someone who has the right background and knowledge to lead the demanding (and difficult) client I am! Our first conversation was different! Miss Anita turned out to be the proverbial sea breeze, believe me, this breeze gains thanks to this comparison. A tailor-made training program and arranged with the same care, diet and supplementation plan, were preceded by a request to perform a series of tests, an analysis of my possibilities, needs and expectations. I felt taken care of, saw the devotion and appreciated Miss Anita’s individual approach to the client. We acted as a team, my goals were our goals! The formula of our cooperation was really crisis-proof! I have known Miss Anita for 6 years, I trust her recommendations, advice and training. With a clear conscience and joy, I recommend it to anyone who wants to take care of their body healthily and in an absolutely harmonized way (without abandoning the precious psyche)! It’s worth it!