04 Aug

For several years I’ve tried to work out in the gym by myself – the effects were mediocre. I found all sorts of plans on the Internet that I tried to follow. Without much results or effect. I also didn’t know how to approach my diet. In the end I was always tired, and the results were not visible. The enormity of information and approaches to training that I found on the Internet were not only mutually exclusive, but also didn’t bring the intended effect – better life, appearance, well-being – because that’s what it’s all about. Finally, when I ended up on the operating table for knee surgery, which also involved a long rehabilitation, I was in the worst form of my life (4 months of lying down and let’s face it – eating). I had a lot of pounds of fat to shed and no idea how to do it. So I directed my steps to Matt and decided that I would follow his guidelines carefully. What was my surprise when, after a year, many pounds down, I was in a shape that I didn’t think would ever be available to me. The changes that took place with my body were phenomenal. The key, however, was not to cheat and to follow the plan diligently. The trainings were certainly prepared especially for me, arranged according to my abilities (not a program created once and then distributed to each client). How do I know that? Because the program took into account my limitations, weaker and stronger sides, injuries or the lack of specific machines in my gym – which is a very professional approach for me. I can certainly recommend cooperation with Matt and Anita to everyone, but you must remember that if you don’t follow the guidelines they indicate, you can’t count on the effects from heaven. However, if you follow the program, the results will be electrifying.