04 Aug

After a long break from the gym, at the beginning of 2019, I returned to regular training. I have developed several different methods that I have practiced in previous years. It seemed that I was eating healthily, exercising regularly, and in six months’ time I would be enjoying my life. Unfortunately… the effects were mediocre at best. In September I met Matt. He offered me cooperation. He noticed my struggle and wanted to help me. He assured me that under his care my effects would be healthy and – most importantly – visible. He planned a diet, training and supplementation for me. I also received many additional documents and guidelines. After 4 months of our cooperation, I am very pleased. My workouts are changed periodically, so there is no chance that boredom will creep in, my diet is updated on a regular basis, I can also always count on full support. My weight while maintaining muscle mass, went from 85 kg to 79 kg, and finally my abs are showing. I recommend working with Matt, because he is a professional, has the right approach and the most important thing for me… he always has time for his pupils. Coach, thank you very much for your full support and we keep pushing!